Exterior building design

Building façade

Buildings must have a powerful, eye-catching exterior and interior design.

The uvex logo must always be attached to the building in a free-standing, illuminated way. This is not achieved through neon lighting, but instead the uvex letters should be lightboxes. The size depends on the load-bearing factor calculation. However, if this not possible on the building, a stainless steel uvex logo should be mounted on the façade.

The material for the letters should be brushed, rust-free V4A stainless steel. The letters must be free-standing. Please ensure that the “e” is the right size and that the “x” is the right way up. The size and strength of the stainless steel depends on the load-bearing factor calculation.

If an illuminated logo or a stainless steel logo is used, please contact CMB directly, as we will coordinate the procurement via Group Purchasing.

Image promotion posters

An image promotion poster can also be attached to the façade. The light lift system should be used.

Please contact CBM directly to discuss promotion posters.

Company signs/building signage system

The building signage systems shown below have been defined as the standard system for the uvex group. The signs must be displayed and labelled as shown below.

Procurement is carried out via Group Purchasing. For this, please contact the sub-group Marketing department or CBM in advance. 


To signpost uvex proberly normal arrows have to be used. The logo has to be used in white or black. The arrows can be in one of the company colors, but the contrast to the backgraound must be sufficient.

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