Product branding

Consumer goods under the uvex brand can be found in the most diverse product groups on the market. The key thing is that each individual product is immediately and unambiguously attributable to the group. Meaningful branding is designed to convey the unmistakable identity of these products.

It is important to ensure that the logo or logos are positioned on the product in a meaningful way. The recognition value does not depend on the number of logos.

The only product logo is the uvex word mark

The use of the triangle logo and the factory pilot logo is prohibited from now on.

Initial branding

Initial branding has the function of ensuring that the buyer immediately recognises the manufacturer of the product.

It is the standard distinguishing feature of all uvex products and it can compete with its other branding.

The logo must be placed at least once per product, and a maximum of twice per page (excluding components).

The letters of the word mark form a unit and the geometry of the letters may not be altered under any circumstances. The logo must always be legible as a complete unit and may not be concealed.

It is important to ensure that the word mark stands out from the background (product) and is clearly legible. Three-dimensional effects are permitted to improve legibility and enhance appearance.

The colour of the logo can be freely selected, but it must only be one colour.

The word mark is to be placed in the most prominent and conspicuous places on the product as a clear first identification, regardless of possible second or third placements. Overturning of the logo is only permitted if there is no other way of attaching the logo.

The geometrical design must not be modified in any way. 

All colours are permitted for the word mark


All other logos and designations must be clearly and visibly subordinate to the uvex word mark - and thus to the first branding.

The number of other logos on the product is limited to a maximum of two. Less is often more. Unlike on the product, all technologies and sub-brands may be displayed on a hang tag. However, it must be decided which tech branding really offers added value and must be shown on the product.

Even if it is legally possible, the spelling of the registered sub-brands must be adhered to.

Co-branding style guide

Style guide | September 2019

Download: PDF

No cut off of the logo

We should like to point out that, in future, the uvex logo must neither be obscured or cut off on products, and nor should it be used as a second branding, despite the presence of visible premier branding.

The logo/wordmark must remain unchanged and not be adapted or distorted in any way.

This applies equally to premier branding and second branding.Initial branding has the function of ensuring that the buyer immediately recognises the manufacturer of the product.

Example of double logo usage

If it is absolutely necessary to use the logo on a product for a second time, it must be treated as primary branding and as a result, it must follow the normal CD rules with regard to factors such as distance, colour and positioning.


Eyewear headbands: logo outline must spill outwards from the blank spaces of the individual letters to ensure that the size of the lettering does not decrease.

In exceptional cases, the positioning of the individual letters in relation to each other can be aligned with the radial (curved) edges of products, but only if placement elsewhere is not possible. In such cases, approval from CBM/Marketing is required.

Promotion products- only relevant for uvex sports

The specifications are similar to those for initial branding, but the function of the logo is to ensure that the viewer/spectator can see immediately identify the manufacturer.

The logo must appear at least once per product and be positioned as often and prominently as possible. The shape must remain unchanged and the colour can be selected freely, but the emphasis must be on ensuring the best possible contrast.

Attachment and size must conform to the promoter’s rules and regulations (IOC 6 cm², FIS 15 cm², etc.). 

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