When filming a uvex video, please consider the following points:

1. Use one of the uvex intro/outro clips (animation "protecting people" and uvex logo) - these can be found in the download folder. Download: Video - intro/outro
Be consistent in your choice of intro and outro; this means if you opt for the white version for the intro, the white outro version must also be used.
If the transparent version is used, then please ensure this does not affect the legibility of the uvex logos and protecting people claim.

Short video clips for social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram may be used without an intro/outro. However, please do consider that, ideally, a uvex product with a clearly visible logo must be included in the first scenes, thereafter being visible intermittently as the clip plays on. It is particularly important, for example in stories, to indicate the uvex member who is posting the clip together with a uvex logo. 
Tags must also be inserted into images used in stories. These help emphasise which products are being used. A link to the respective product webpage with purchase option is also a good idea. 

Videos should accordingly be adapted for the various communications channels. Longer films for use at trade fairs or on the intranet platform must include a uvex intro/outro. For shorter video clips on social media platforms, both can be left out.

2. Should you decide to use a spokesperson in the video please contact CBM if you require an English speaker.

3. If uvex employees appear in the video, they should be wearing the following clothes:
uvex safety: exhibition attire (suit with uvex tie)
uvex sports/Alpina: promotional t-shirts/black or white shirt

For further information please follow the guidelines for intro/outro.

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