Corporate Design: amendments and additions

This page includes information on any amendments and additions which have been carried out in the CD Manual since it was launched in April 2014. 

Changes as at 25 September 2023

Please note the newly added colour codes lime and dark blue as part of the umbrella brand campaign Colours

Changes as at 14 February 2023

Icons Sustainability
Please note the new icons on the topic of sustainability under Downloads

Changes as at 22 February 2021

Please note newly added hints in the spelling of the claim protecting people Typestyle

Changes as at 11 September 2020

Please note newly added hints regarding the spelling of telephone numbers and the use of ue for international documents Typestyle

In addition, the topic of tech/sub-branding was included in addition to further information on first branding Produktbranding

Change as at 4 September 2019

Product branding
Please not the update of the Co-branding style guide Product branding

Change as at 25 March 2019

Product branding
Please note our new example for double logo usage Product branding

Change as at 19 September 2018

Please note our new guidelines for intro/outro Video

Change as at 25 July 2018

Please note the new international rules for the writing of telephone numbers Typestyle

Change as at 10 September 2018

Please note our new guidelines for co-branding Product branding

Change as at 29 August 2018

uvex anniversaries
For uvex anniversaries please note the new style guide and anniversary emblems for download Anniversary

Change as at 25 July 2018

Please note the change of rules regarding the use of intro and outro for social media channels Video

Corporate Design: Änderungen & Ergänzungen

Auf dieser Seite finden Sie Hinweise auf Änderungen oder Ergänzungen, die am CD Manual seit dem Launch im April 2014 vorgenommen worden sind.

Änderung vom 25. September 2023

Bitte beachten Sie die neu hinzugekommenen Farbcodes Lime und Dunkelblau im Rahmen der Dachmarken-Kampagne Farben

Änderung vom 14. Juni 2023

Icons Nachhaltigkeit
Bitte beachten Sie neu die Icons zum Thema Nachhaltigkeit unter Downloads

Änderung vom 22. Februar 2021

Bitte beachten Sie neu hinzugekommene Hinweise zur Schreibweise des Claims protecting people Schreibweisen

Änderung vom 11. September 2020

Bitte beachten Sie neu hinzugekommene Hinweise bei der Schreibweise von Telefonnummern und die Verwendung von ue bei internationalen Dokumenten Schreibweisen

Außerdem wurde neben weiteren Hinweisen zum Erstbranding das Thema Tech-/Sub-Branding mitaufgenommen Produktbranding

Änderung vom 4. September 2019

Die Regeln zum Co-Branding wurden erweitert Produktbranding

Änderung vom 25. März 2019

Bitte beachten Sie die Regeln zur zweimaligen Verwendung des Logos Produktbranding

Änderung vom 19. September 2018

VideoBitte beachten Sie den neuen Styleguide zum Thema Intro/Outro Video

Änderung vom 25. Juli 2018

Bitte beachten Sie die neue internationale Schreibweise für Telefonnummern Schreibweisen

Änderung vom 10. September 2018

Bitte beachten Sie den neuen Styleguide zum Thema Co-Branding Produktbranding

Change as at 25 July 2018

Product branding
In future, the uvex logo must neither be obscured or cut off on products, and nor should it be used as a second branding, despite the presence of visible premier branding Product branding

Change as at 17 January 2018

Please note the change of some typestyle rules in running text Typestyle

Supplement as at 15 January 2018

Alternative font
Informations about the use of an alternative font due to the new PPE regulations Typography // Alternative font

Supplement as at 7 November 2017

As of now you can find the rules for the use of our logo within co-branding in section 6 Co-branding styleguide

Supplement as at 7 September 2017

uvex brand values
As of now the uvex brand values can be found unter section 2 brand values

Änderung vom 21. März 2017

Ab sofort finden Sie auch Wordvorlagen im CD Portal Wordvorlagen

Änderung vom 29. August 2018

uvex feiert Jubiläum
Für die Erstellung eines Signets anlässlich eines uvex Jubiläums gibt es ab sofort einen Styleguide sowie entsprechende Dateien zum Download Jubiläum

Änderung vom 25. Juli 2018

Für Social Media gelten neue Richtlinien zur Nutzung von Intro und Outro Video

Changes as at 20 March 2017

Addition for colour-coding
If you choose and use the black version of the logo, the colour must be deep black. Logo // Colour options

Changes as at 4 January 2017

Please note that after the sequence of the 90 years uvex jubilee, the 90-year emblem can no longer be used on all communication media such as catalogues, brochures, flyers, etc.

Changes as at 7 November 2016

Additional regulations for uvex intro
Please see the addtional regulations for the use of the uvex intro in videos for facebook and instagram Video intro/outro

Changes as at 9 June 2016

Typestyle of corporate legal names in countries with other characters
If due to contry-specific regulations the writing of the company name is not allowed to be with latin characters, the following rule applies: Basic elements - typestyle - typestyle of corporate legal names

Changes as at 29 March 2016

You can find a new version of the uvex video outro in the download section. Download - Video - Outro

Changes as at 26 January 2016

You can find a new version of the 90 years style guide with additional information for the emblem size here -> Style Guide for 90 years of uvex

Änderungen vom 12. November 2015

Online Medien
Der Styleguide für Online Medien wurde in deutscher Sprache aktualisiert. 
Online Medien

Changes at 2 November 2015

Please find the new outros for uvex videos here

Changes as at 30 October 2015

Please find the new online style guide and additional information here Applicationa areas - Online Media

Changes as at 13 October 2015

90 years of uvex
In 2016, we are celebrating 90 years of uvex. This is not just a reason for celebration, but also a distinct USP for our brand: To communicate this effectively, we have developed a special emblem. This will be a feature of our communications in 2016, as we spread the word about this significant milestone.

This emblem must be placed on all communications for 2016. Consequently, it must also be included on measures that are being created in 2015 but will primarily be used in 2016. Only media that will be in use for significantly longer should not include the emblem.
Style Guide of 90 years of uvex

Changes as at 10 August 2015

When filming a uvex video, please consider the following points Video

Reference for the usage of pictures from Olympia and olympic terms.

Change as at 20 July 2015

The following are not permitted in any photographs across all media Images

Änderung vom 22. April 2015

Eine einheitliche Unternehmenssprache: Corporate Language hier.

Change as at 13 November 2014

Example for a non-permitted application of office stationery here.

Änderung vom 17. September 2014

Platzierung von Logos beim Briefbogen. Geschäftsausstattung

Änderung vom 22. Mai 2014

Eine Kurzanleitung zur PowerPoint Vorlage gibt es ab sofort unter Downloads (inklusive Styleguide mit Gestaltungsbeispielen).

Change as at 15 Ocotober 2014

Guidelines of uvex signage Exterior building design

Change as at 17 September 2014

Placement of logos on letterhead. Office stationery

Change as at 12 June 2014

A short instruction for the use of PowerPoint templates is available now in the Downloads section.

Change as at 26 May 2014

Please note, the translation for the business card was changed. Office stationery

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