Typestyle of protecting people

  • protecting people is always written in lower case: in headings, in the text and also at the beginning of sentence.
  • protecting people is always written without quotation marks or endings, and other forms of emphasis (e.g., italics, bold) are not permitted.
  • This rule applies in German as well as in all other languages.
  • protecting people 365/7/24: The addition 365/7/24 describes that the mission to protect people is always valid, 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. The rules that apply to the claim protecting people also apply here.

Typestyle of corporate legal names

• The current, existing corporate legal names as they are entered in the respective commercial register
   remain valid. However, in the event of revisions to contracts, then the "old, incorrect" type style should be
   adapted to these rules. This is handled exclusively via the Law and Industrial Property Rights department.

• UVEX and the division/business area must always be capitalised

• Grouping designations (Group, International) must always be capitalised

• First letter of country name must always be capitalised

• Company form as standard in the respective country

Examples of changes that must be carried out if commercial contracts are amended because the current corporate legal name does not follow the stipulated guidelines:

UVEX SAFETY Australia Pty. Ltd.
FILTRAL GmbH & Co. Vertriebs KG 

• Countries with other characters (e.g. Cyrillic)

If due to contry-specific regulations the writing of the company name is not allowed to be with latin characters, the following rule applies:
Please write uvex always in Latin characters, regardless of the local characters.
Everything else can be translated in your local characters - provided you use it only for your country specific communication.

Typestyle in running text

• uvex is always written in lower case letters: in headings, in the text and even at the beginning of a

• The division name always appears in its original language and not the language of the text, i.e.
   German division: initial capital letter; English division: initial lower case letter.

• The first letter of a country name should always be capitalised and the name is not translated, so remains
   in German or English.

• The first letters of Filtral, Primetta and Heckel should always be capitalised, but lower case should be used
   for the rest of the letters.

• ALPINA should always be capitalised.

• The first letter of HexArmor should always be capitalised, also the "A" in the middle of the name. For the rest the lower case should be used. 

• The names of companies are always written in the same type style as the rest of the sentence (not italics,
   bold, hyphenated, highlighted and/or hyperlinked)

• If companies are referred to in their legal form, the corporate legal name should be used.

• As a rule, company names should not be separated.

uvex group
uvex Arbeitsschutz
uvex safety Australia
uvex Heckel

Typestyle for website pages

Website addresses are always written in lower case without www.


Typestyle for product names

• uvex is always written in conjunction with and preceding the actual product name (e.g. uvex apache).
   On the product itself, the product name can be used without the addition of “uvex”, as the product is
   generally clearly branded with the uvex name.

• There is always a space between “uvex” and the product name.

• uvex and the product name are always written in lower case

• If figures are added to the name, a space must be placed between the name and the number
   (e.g. uvex fp 1.0). Digit sequences can be separated by decimal points but never by commas.

uvex apache
uvex fp 1.0
uvex brazil pola
uvex motion style
uvex sport shield small

Typestyle for telephone numbers

• International notation style for telephone and fax numbers in accordance with DIN 5008: T +49 911 9736-1452 and F +49 911 9736-1375

•  Do not write either the dialling code or the actual telephone number in groups of two/three.

• Do not use brackets or slashes.

• Insert a space after country dialling codes (+49 for Germany, e.g.). 
• Insert a gap after the area code. 
• Only the extension code may be set apart from the main number by use of a hyphen.
• Use the same notation style for mobile telephone numbers as for landlines and fax numbers: M +49 179 1111111

The abbreviations T for telephone, M for mobile, F for fax and I for Internet are mandatory. They are to be used freestanding without colon or similar in bold. Alternative spellings such as telephone + 49 911 9736-1452 are not permitted.

Use ae, oe and ue for international documents

For documents that are sent internationally (e.g. texts, letters, printed matter), an ae is used instead of ä, an oe is used instead of ö and an ue instead of ü, for example Wuerzburger Strasse or Fuerth.

For German or other international city names, e.g. Lüneburg or Nürnberg, NO English exonyms are used, e.g. Lunenburg or Nuremberg.

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