Line styles

Basic line

The basic line is a constant feature, for which the specifications are always the same.
The claim is placed below this line and this generally seals the layout to the bottom.
Secondary elements are placed in relation to the basic line and there are set specifications for their positioning.

Colour options


More examples please see the chapter on secondary elements, click here.

Applications not permitted basic line

When not to use a basic line?

If the logo and the basic line are very close to each other due to the format of the creative, then you do not use a basic line.

Decorative line

The decorative is used when an individual block is prominently positioned with sufficient space in the layout. This can be a headline or a text segment. In this case, the line is purely decorative. This line should not be used in the event where a headline is not standalone, when interacting with an image or typographical design, for example.

Using the line

The line always starts at the beginning of a text block and is the same length as the longest line of text in the block. As a rule, lines should not be used too much and it is better to leave them out than have too many. A decorative line is normally only placed next to one element in the layout.

Applications not permitted: decorative line

Falsche Anwendung Linie

When not to use a line

Too many prominent elements or interaction with image means a decorative line is not permitted above the headline
Too many similar elements

Structure line

The structure line is used when connected information should be displayed in block form in an organised way. The line helps to structure the different blocks.

The layout of the blocks is guided by the respective column structure.
The structure line can also encompass an entire block, for example, when this spread across the whole page.

Structure line and basic line combine to form one block

Using the line

The structure line is strictly guided by the column layout, on which the different blocks are also based. Every line must be as long as the respective column.

Applications not permitted: structure line

Incorrect use of line

When not to use a line?

Lines should not be used if the layout would feature too many lines and they would not add value for the structuring of information and instead be blocking free space.
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