uvex corporate and brand philosophies

Corporate philosophies above all determine a set of values which define the optimum self-image of a company both internally and externally, so the way in which it engages with employees, clients, customers and business partners as well as its interactions with society. Alongside the communication and image of a company, these values form the basis for a clear corporate identity. Ideally, corporate values are an expression of the prevailing corporate culture while at the same time providing a basis for a company's management and guidelines. 

As a rule, the aim of a brand philosophy is to establish a uniform understanding, common direction and most important, a strong sense of identification with the brand. A philosophy defines the brand visions (guiding principle), the brand values and brand expertise through which the brand strives to express its claim to superiority and distinguish itself in a competitive environment. It embodies the genetic brand code used to achieve a unique position for the brand, generate lasting interest from clients and customers and establish brand loyalty. 

For our future, it means that a clear distinction must be made between the uvex group, which is our employer brand, and our product brands. The relationship between the two levels is depicted in the following image.

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