Logo and claim: placement

Basic version

In order to ensure uniform sender appearance, a basic version has been specified which comprises the logo, line and claim. The logo can be placed either on the left or the right. The claim must be placed on the same side, either left or right below the logo.

Logo and claim must always be aligned in parallel: separate them in their positioning is not admissible.

Example of application on a double-page spread

On a double-page spread, the logo should only be used on either the left or the right side, not both.

Logo rotation

The logo is normally always used without any kind of rotation.
In some justified cases, turning the logo by 90° is permitted, on flags or pens, for example. In this case, the claim and baseline would not be used.

Applications not permitted

The claim is always used in combination with the line.
The distance from claim to the line is 0.5 Y.

As a rule, the claim width should be adapted to match the logo width.
For the definition of the sizes, please see table here.

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