Office stationery

Often the first contact with a company like uvex is through a letter, business card or job advertisement. For this reason, these items must strictly adhere to the visual corporate design of the the company.

Our office stationery has been completely redesigned. The black line under the logo has a thickness of 0.5 pt. The coloured lines framing the sender information are blue and orange and each with a thickness of 1.5 pt.

On all office stationery, the upper line is always blue. Please contact the Group Purchasing Department with any questions.

All printed material categorised as office stationery should only ever feature a black logo. 

If you choose and use the black version of the logo, the colour must be deep black.
You should contact and ask your printer which cmyk-values he will need to achieve the necessary black colour.
You will find examples of the cmyk-values of the original uvex or uvex group black colour here:
Examples of varieties of black



Envelopes should be ordered directly from uvex Ordering.

In future, there will only be one version of the logo. A distinction will no longer be made between the areas of sports and safety.


Letterheads can be purchased via the same link. The A4 address pages are created for the German subsidiaries using Word templates and should only be used for page 1 of an A4 letter. They can be found at public/vorlagen. There are also letter templates if you only want to send the letter electronically (pdf). If any other formats are required, please contact CBM or the sub-group Marketing department.

The line “a uvex group company” should now be omitted from all address lines.

SAP forms have also been programmed in the new design. Letterheads are no longer used for printed invoices, delivery notes, reminders, etc.

The paper strength has to be 80 grams.

Award logos:
If you need to place award logos on your letterheads, your first option is to place it between the lines as you can see on the following documents:
measurement document
sample document

If there is not enough space between the lines, the logo can be placed along the shipping address:
measurement document
sample document

On complement cards awards can be placed as followed:
measurement document
sample document

Business cards

All business cards should be ordered here, unless the language of the addressee does not use the Roman alphabet (e.g. Japanese, Chinese).

Please contact the Group Purchasing Department for special cards or languages.

With regard to titles, only the title of Doctor is permitted. The line “a uvex group company” should now be omitted from all business cards. If you need the reverse side of the business card for maybe a second address like an home office, then the digital business card is eliminated - only then.


Splendorgel extra white 270 g/qm

Name badges

Name badges feature the uvex word mark in the centre. The base colour is white or silver and the name is in black. No company name is given. Please order name tags via Group Purchasing.

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