Primary colours

The logo should only be used in positive black or negative white. Typography is principally black or white.

Orange, blue and titanium are uvex's primary colours. These colours are used in a subtle way, predominantly at corporate level.

If you choose and use the black version of the logo, the colour must be deep black.
You should contact and ask your printer which cmyk-values he will need to achieve the necessary black colour.
You will find examples of the cmyk-values of the original uvex or uvex group black colour here:
Examples of varieties of black



CMYK: 0/0/0/100
Pantone: Black C
PAL: 9005 Jet Black
HKS: 88
Vinyl films: X-Film:
D-CU 1115
Avery: 502 EG Black


RAL: 9003 Signal White
Vinyl films: X-Film:
D-CU 1116
Avery: 501 EG White

uvex orange:

CMYK: 0/60/100/0
Pantone: 1505
RGB: 255/102/0
RAL: 2008 Bright Red Orange
HKS: 7
Vinyl films: X-Film:
D-CUM 028
Avery: 509 Orange/805 Orange

uvex titanium:

CMYK: 0/0/0/65
Pantone: Cool Grey 9
RGB: 102/102/102
RAL: 7046 Telegrau 2

uvex blue:

CMYK: 100/70/0/20
Pantone: 287
RGB: 0/51/153
Pantone: PAN Textile
19-3951 TP
RAL: 5003 Sapphire Blue
Vinyl films: X-Film:
D-CUM 073
Avery: 512 Dark Blue/823 Dark Blue

Accent colours still need to be developed.

Use of colour at brand level (images)

When selecting the colours, it should be ensured that they combine harmoniously with the colours of the products. It is not permitted to use many different colours or simultaneous and complementary contrasts.

Colours not permitted

Umbrella brand // Campaign colours

Umbrella brand // Campaign colours

In product communication (brand level), additional colours derived from the product colour scheme are used, so-called campaign colours. These are only used temporarily and are determined and defined by the marketing subgroups.

These colours are firmly defined for campaigns according to certain rules. They are then used uniformly on all communication channels.

In the umbrella brand campaign, the colour codes lime and dark blue are used:



CMYK: 30/0/90/0
RGB: 199/213/48
HEX-Code: #c7d530

Pantone: 381
RAL 6018 Yellow green

Dark blue:

CMYK: 100/70/0/50
RGB: 0/48/99
HEX-Code: #003063

Pantone: 534
RAL 5011 Steel blue

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