Distance to design elements

Exemplary Design

As a rule, there must be a clear hierarchy between the logo and design elements such as headlines. They must not overwhelm or neutralise, or compete with each other. The spacing between the elements must be set accordingly.

Adequate spacing and size contrast between logo and headline

This area is also to be kept free in the standard case. Only if there is no other possibility content is allowed to be placed here.

Standard distance to design elements

An exclusion space of at least 1.5 Y should be applied around the logo - this is the minimum distance. The standard spacing is 3 Y vertically and 8 Y horizontally. The aim is to use the availalbe space in the best possible way, that means as much clear space between the logo and the headline or other design elements.

The headline should be clearly discernible from the logo and the claim.

Standard distance to elements in the layout

Alternative usage

Logo - Margin distance examples

Standard cases: 3Y and more

Examples: less than 3Y

No Go's for less distance than 3 Y

No Go's

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