Image worlds

As a result of the development of the new brand values the image worlds for uvex safety and uvex sports were also discussed. Unfortunately there is no imagery available yet. We thank you for your understanding.

Criteria for the uvex image concept


Quality counts. As one of the brand values, quality at a high level is crucial for brand-appropriate communication. The corresponding professional level in terms of conception, photography, selection and post-processing must be ensured through high quality benchmarks and controls.


The moment counts. We create situations in which unique moments occur, between a staged set-up and reality. To achieve this, everything has to be right, namely the location, the team and the understanding of the uvex world. 


Emotion counts. For the protagonists and for the observer. The emotion in the athlete’s expression or the emotion when viewing the finished image.

Staged situation versus reality

The world of uvex moves between these two conflicting areas. Excessive staging or idealisation is never our goal; we always look for exactly the right balance in order to implement and authentically communicate the brand values of uvex.

The laws of nature govern the basic requirements for the uvex image language. Positive and negative examples from similar situations are shown and explained below.


The following are not permitted in any photographs across all media:

  • Alcohol, cigarettes and/or drugs
  • Serious accidents and falls or other mishaps
  • Athletes using sporting equipment or playing sports while not wearing the right protection, such as a helmet
  • Athletes with ill-fitting clothes or in unflattering positions
  • Images depicting irresponsible risk-taking (for example, climbing without safety ropes, or equivalent scenarios)
  • Serious injuries, wounds, etc.
  • Unathletic protagonists and boring or undynamic images of sports
  • Unappealing, shocking or graphic content and situations
  • Photos which portray the subject as aloof, arrogant or hostile
  • Silly or juvenile situations
  • Extreme image editing or processing
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