uvex brand values

For uvex, the brand values "leadership”, “quality” and “enthusiasm" are the core tenets of the brand promise. They embody uvex's DNA and clearly express the unequivocal principles of our brand promise and aspired claim to superiority. They are decisive for determining our course of action and the continual further development of our capabilities. They are also the common values with which we identify as a company.


  • through our efforts to be a leader of innovation with our technology, products and services
    (Experience Innovation)
  • through our ambition to offer clients and customers worldwide quantifiable added value
  • through unreserved trust in the performance and safety of our solutions 


  • through the highest standards in terms of quality, function and wearer comfort
  • through our commitment to quality "Made in Germany"
  • through our international manufacturing expertise 


  • through our passion for sports and competition
  • through emotional, unique uvex designs
  • through emotional implementation of our "protecting people" mission
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