Logo and claim size

Example format: A4

There are mandatory specifications for logo and claim size. As a rule, they are exactly the same width.

Specifications for paper size formats

For larger formats where no specifications have been defined (large posters, trade fair banners/stands), the logo should be proportionately scaled and adapted to suit the respective application.

Logo and claim are the same width. For formats below A6 (e.g. business cards) and all A4 office stationery forms, the claim width is 110% of the logo width for improved legibility.

The table below details all specifications for logo sizes in the various formats. Any exceptions must be agreed with CBM or the sub-group marketing department.

Format Logo width Claim width
DL 30 mm 30 mm
A6 25 mm 25 mm
A5 30 mm 30 mm
A4 40 mm 40 mm
A3 60 mm 60 mm
A2 100 mm 100 mm
A1 140 mm 140 mm

Minimum logo size

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