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The uvex brand is our most valuable asset. For the success of our group, it is crucial that the brand is consistently, professionally and meaningfully applied in a contemporary way and that our brand values are brought to life in all areas of the company.

For this reason, our Corporate Design must be regularly reviewed, because a brand is something which lives and breathes, and is therefore subject to change. Especially strong and influential brands, such as uvex, must evolve or even entirely reinvent themselves from time to time. Any brand aiming to continue positively surprising and enthusing customers and inspiring loyalty in them in the future needs to charge the brand with new content and emotions, at the same time ensuring the brand image evolves creatively.

In the evolution of our Corporate Design, the main concern was to enshrine the significance of our new brand values "leadership", "quality", "enthusiasm" in a holistic brand design concept.

This CD Portal will assist and show you when, where and how the logo and brand should be used in order to ensure uvex achieves the best possible brand presence.

Thank you for your continued support in strengthening the uvex brand.

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